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Solar Working Light Rechargeable, Multifunctional LED

Solar Working Light Rechargeable, Multifunctional LED

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Solar Working Light Rechargeable, Multifunctional LED

Lantern Portable Outdoor USB/Solar Charging Bluetooth Speaker with 5 Lighting Modes, Emergency Flashlight 
6000mAh Power Bank Emergency Flashlight Floodlight for Emergency
Bullet points:
✅ Polysilicon solar panels, faster conversion of photovoltaics. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 module, connection block, good compatibility.
✅ Both speakers and solar panels can regenerate enough power to make speakers and lights available at any time. Use it when you need it to use most.
✅ Large floodlight, disperse the night, high brightness, long-distance, super battery life.
✅ Multifunctional Bluetooth speakers, uninterruptible power, can be as camping lights, warning lights, Bluetooth speakers, power banks.
✅ Five modes switch, built-in large-capacity battery 6000 mAh.

About this item

✅Multi-function Camping Light

  • Our super cost-effective outdoor solar lantern combines the functions of lighting light, flashlight, red & blue glint emergency warning light, Bluetooth speaker, and power supply for phones or other electronic equipment. Take this multifunctional working light with you, it will meet most of your needs and provide you with the greatest convenience in different occasions.
Both speakers and solar panels can regenerate enough power to make speakers and lights available at any time.

✅LED Work Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Equipped with high-fidelity full-range stereo speakers, you only need to turn on the orange Bluetooth switch on the front of the hiking lamp and connect your music playback device with the code YYZ-LED, play your favorite music and enjoy a relaxing time with your friends. This pathway light not only meets your lighting needs, but also provides you with Bluetooth function, creating a joyful atmosphere for you.

✅Large-capacity Battery & USB Power Output

Owing to the 6000mAh lithium battery, our portable solar lantern can work 3-12 hours depending functions. You can charge the dual charging modes lights via the front DC5V charging head or solar panels at the rear. Additionally, after the USB stand flashlight is fully charged, it is a good helper for charging your mobile phone and other electronic devices in an emergency.

 ✅Lighting Modes

Our outdoor rechargeable light has 5 different lighting modes including strong flashlight & weak flashlight, strong floodlight & weak floodlight, red blue glint warning light, which will give you a great experience. With this mechanic spotlight, you can always have different fields of vision. The wireless torch light will be a good companion for your indoor and outdoor activities.
  The design of the portable handle of the emergency light makes it convenient to accompany you on riding, night fishing, traveling, maintenance, patrolling, square dancing, outdoor exploration, etc. This floodlight fixtures is also a good choice for indoor lighting and reading. With the help of this job site lamp, most of your requirements can be met on most occasions.
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