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LUDIK PAD™ LCD Writing Board for Children (MP100-pink)

LUDIK PAD™ LCD Writing Board for Children (MP100-pink)

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🎁The magic slate for learning and fun, a gift for your child.
The magic slate is ideal for drawing, writing and calculating in a fun and playful way!
Very easy to use, the Ludik Pad™ magic slate is a tool to develop your child's creativity and facilitate learning.

An erasable tablet to facilitate repetition in the learning phase but also to save drawing sheets.
The magic slate protects your children's eyes 👀
 Thanks to the LCD screen, the Ludik Pad™ magic slate emits no blue light.
Unlike phones, the tablet offers real visual comfort and safety for your children's eyes.
A tablet that replaces phones, which are harmful to young and old alike!
It's also a tablet for taking notes, if you like. Instead of conventional tablets.
Take the Magic Slate with you wherever you go! 🚙 
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Ideal for the vacations, your child will have endless drawing fun. Just press the button and let the magic happen.
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