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Funtablet Tablet for Kids Android 10 2GB RAM 32GB

Funtablet Tablet for Kids Android 10 2GB RAM 32GB

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Kids Tablet 7 inch Tablet for Kids Android 10 2GB RAM 32GB ROM Bluetooth WiFi Dual Cameras Parental Control Tablet Kids(Blue)
 Turn screen time into a rich learning experience with FUNTABLET
With our tablet, you don't have to worry about your child spending too much time on the tablet without benefiting from educational elements.
Children will be learning all the time, playing games, watching age-appropriate films and a host of other educational games and activities. 
Screen time becomes a rich learning moment,You're in charge, you can limit the time with the parental control feature, which favors a disciplined, controlled attitude, you're always in control.
 Because of the many options available, you can configure the tablet differently as your child grows, the interests will change with your child's age and it's all easy to set up.
 The tablet allows children to capture their favorite moments with the built-in camera during outings and to develop their creativity while learning to use technology in a fun way.

 This tablet is suitable for ages 2 to 12 and can be configured according to age.

Available in two colors

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